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Un incontro per avere tutte le informazioni sul Servizio Volontario Europeo a Xena: il 13 Febbraio alle ore 16, la partecipazione è gratuita, basta inviare una mail a Vi aspettiamo!


Free Market - Gennaio

Un mercato senza denaro a Xena. Un appuntamento mensile per incentivare riuso e solidarietà.

Non é necessario donare un oggetto per prenderne un altro perché il principale obiettivo è la ridistribuzione, il riutilizzo degli oggetti.
Al free market di Xena potrete frugare tra libri, vestiti, curiosità e tesori che aspettano di essere trovati!

Mercoledì 31 Gennaio dalle h15


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Xena Presentation

XENA is a non-profit, cultural association for social promotion which was set up in the autumn of 1994. Its name derives from ancient Greek meaning “foreign things". Its main objective is to increase and improve the level of contact and interaction amongst different cultures. It promotes projects mainly within the frame of European Programmes – such as “Youth in Action” (i.e. “Youth for Europe”, “European Voluntary Service”, “Group Initiative”, “Support Measures”), “Lifelong Learning” (i.e. “Leonardo da Vinci” and "Grundtvig") and others - with the following principal aims: to offer young people the possibility to join mobility programs in educational, professional and cultural spheres and to promote awareness of different cultures and systems; to promote opportunities for meetings between different cultures and to encourage greater knowledge of foreign languages also in the local sphere; to promote intercultural learning dynamics, and to prevent and combat racism and prejudices; and to encourage the active and responsible participation of youth in society.

Xena is a training board accredited by the Veneto Region in the guidance sphere


Intercultural learning, youth mobility, youth and adult education, non-formal education, information to youth, participation, transnational vocational training, racism and exclusion prevention, communication between youth, animation, care of the environment, protection and promotion of artistic and cultural heritage, integration of immigrants, citizenship.

Human Resources

Xena's workforce is formed by experts and trainers of European programmes: Lifelong Learning (i.e. Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig) and others; youth workers/educators; youth information experts; trainers. This group is supported  by  young Italian and foreign people, with different skills, united by strong ideals towards the basic aim of the association. Volunteer work of all the members plays a fundamental role in the organisation.




Through out the years, Xena has carried out many youth exchanges and intercultural activities on a local and also on an international level, with the strong involvement and responsibility of youth with the goal to develop active participation and to create a greater sense of participation among the citizens in their society.

Since the beginning, Xena has looked after the formation of their workers and educators, thanks to the participation in courses and seminars promoted by other organizations, and has been directly involved with the organization of many programs and initiatives.


European Union Programme Youth in Action (Youth for Europe – European Voluntary Service)

1995 – Organized a Study Visit in Padova for 12 European youth workers, on behalf of the National Agency “Youth for Europe” (Action B) from the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the topic of “Youth Mobility and European Citizenship”

1996 – Collaborated and produced– in Conegliano, TV – a regional course for the training of international youth exchange workers, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1997 – Organized an international course (Action B of the European Union program “Youth for Europe”), for youth exchange workers dealing with disadvantaged youth, titled “Europe for someone or Europe for all?”, which involved 20 youth workers from 8 different European countries.

We also organized in collaboration with other organizations of the Veneto Coordination “Youth for Europe” (that we co-promoted) a contact seminar (Action B) with Eastern European countries in Venice with participants from Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

1998-1999 part of the traning team  of  the National Agency of the Programme - with one trainer – in 7 regional courses made in collaboration with different regions/institutions (Trentino, Abruzzo, Sardegna, Veneto, south ern Italy, Calabria, Tuscany) for the training of  intercultural exchange youth leaders.

1999 In the sphere of Action D (projects with third countries not part of the European Union) we organized in Cuba a course called “Living the Environment” for youth exchange workers on the topic of environment with participants from Italy, Cuba, Colombia, Spain, Finland, Portugal. In 2000, there was a youth exchange in Spain with the participating organizations.

Participation in international meetings in different areas, including Bulgaria and Montenegro, organized from the Program National Agencies.

In the Youth Program we organized a feasibility visit and a course for youth workers in South Africa with participants from Lesotho, Spain, South Africa, Portugal, Botswana, Italy, Namibia.

2001 Carried out a feasibility visit in Romania for the preparation of an international training course.

2002 Organized a course in Greece in the sphere of Action 5 for the training of international youth exchange workers with the participation of workers from E.U. member candidate countries.

2002 Euromed: carried out a course with activities in Jordan working mostly with Voluntary Service; participated in two youth exchanges in Jordan with participants from Mediterranean countries.

2003-2006: Partner, with other Eurodesk points from Veneto, in the cross-border projects “Vene-To-Europe” and “Vene-To-Europe Oltre” (Beyond) for the information and development of projects by the youth of the border areas in the regions of the 10 countries joining the EU in 2004.

2004-2006: Organized of a feasibility visit “Globa-l-inks” to Cuba with participants from Cuba, Brazil, Spain and Italy. Development of a network amongst European and Latin American organizations.

May 2004 – April 2005 “A Boat in the SEE”: a long term course for youth workers coming from European Union countries and the Balkans. The course was made in the sphere for the Youth Action program Action 5 in collaboration with the Seland Association (Lubeck, Germany) and the Youth Center of Livno (Bosnia Herzegovina).

Organized the on arrival training for volunteers hosted by organizations in Veneto, Lombardia, Tuscany, Calabria and Emilia Romagna (also in collaboration with UniserFC)

From 2003 we were part of a team from the National Italian Agency (Ministry of Work and Political Socials) for the training activities organized for the participants of the Voluntary European Service: pre-departure and on arrival, intermediary evaluations.

Participation and coordination – as trainers - in international contact seminars and courses.

We produced and managed different local youth initiatives (also in the sphere of Action A II I) with intercultural parties, workshops, and courses. The most recent: Action 3: Group Initiative project “Migrant Moon” (i.e. production of an intercultural magazine, courses of ethnomusicology, film reviews).

By request we are able to supply information on our experience with the youth in the exchange spheres (Action 1) and of the European Voluntary Service (Action 2) from 1995 until present.


We have worked with the Leonardo da Vinci European Programme since 1995:


We organised several transnational vocational training projects for youth, sending hundreds of beneficiaries abroad for projects lasting from 12 to 20 weeks: in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Finland, Ireland and France in the cultural sector, in the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Spain and France for social service, animation, non-profit administration. Ireland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Norway in the alternative tourism sector, in Holland, France, Finland, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece and Sweden in the environmental sector (measure I.1.2.b. and mobility).

We have welcomed and housed youth and underprivileged groups in Veneto for periods of 3 weeks to 6 months, from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Germany, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary (measure I.1.2.b. and mobility) in collaboration with numerous public and private companies from different sectors.

We have presented and organized projects for experts (measure I.1.2.c) dedicated to “Europe project designers” in collaboration with the City Councils of Jerez, Spain and Turku, Finland.

We have participated in projects in the same measure promoted by various other European partners.

Partner in the pilot project “LITE” promoted by the City Council of Halden (N), “Cronos” of the City Council of Jerez de la Frontera (E), “Biourbe” promoted by Montblauverd, Bercellona (E); “Immigrants’ Training” promoted by the City Council of Vardø (N) and in the development projects “Leo-SUSTAIN” in the local sustainable development.

We collaborated with the QualityNet network for the quality of transnational vocational training projects. At present, (2008-2009) we are partners with two projects: for the Transfer of Innovation, “Moving – Make It Simple” promoted by PRODESO/ITAP, Coimbra (Portugal) and for the Dissemination: “TACTIC Tools for Managing and Mentoring the International Work Placements to Guarantee the Recognition of the Competences Acquired and the Quality of the Learning Process” promoted by A.E.F., Florence.

The experts at Xena take part as designers, selectors, information experts and trainers of the Programme with various types of boards/organizations, the target being possible beneficiaries and project workers. There are active collaborations with public structures from all national territories in Italy.


Examples of other activities carried out

From 1996 Xena has carried out tailor made programmes for  scholastic trips on European themes, in collaboration with high schools from Padova and from other European countries.

In the sphere of the “Socrates” Programme, we worked in collaboration with a Commercial Technical Institute to have exchanges with Swedish and French classes.

1998 We organized a vocational training project in the sphere of Program 19 of the Spanish Ministry of Labour on the topic of: “Tourist Activities for the Third Age”. Placing 10 young adults with internships (lasting 2 months), on behalf of the City Council of Jerez de la Frontera.

2001 Coordination for Veneto of the project “Paideia” from the Connect Initiative for information on the European programmes in high schools with the production and supervision of the information desks and for designing workshops within the partner institutions, the selection and specific training of youth workers for working at the same desks, and the treatment of reports and contacts with the scholastic institutions and of the Vocational Training Department of the Veneto Region in collaboration with the ARCES (PA) Association, promoters of the project.

From 2001 we participated actively in work groups for the twinnings with France and Romania in the Province of Padova, especially for the activation of European Voluntary Service projects.

November 2003 and October 2004: collaborated with the course “Jump on EuroMed Youth Exchanges”, organized in France by SALTO EuroMed Resource Center and the National French Agency for the promotion of quality in the production of EuroMed exchanges.

From April 2004 to year 2008: (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine) We have been the coordination organization for all of Italy for all of the events of “Follow the Women, From Idea to Reality, Pedalling for Peace” initiative, for the promotion of peace and for a greater role of women in society.

2004-2006: Participated with our trainers, part of a team of trainers for the creation, production and evaluation of the modules on European Citizenship in the sphere of the training partnership European Commission – Council of Europe.

2006-2009: Partner in project INTERtool that lasts for 3 years for the development of intercultural competencies of the workers of European projects in the adult education field (Socrates-Grundtvig l Programme -European Cooperation Projects).


Solidarity Camps

2004-2008: Promoted stays and living together in local communities in southern countries of the world. Organized in three phases: training in Italy, stay for a month abroad, awareness and circulation of knowledge post-return.

The objective is to share life experiences and exchange knowledge with people and communities with whom it is considered interesting and beneficial to establish a bridge with. Summer 2005: Brasile, Ecuador, Mexico and Costa Rica. “2006-2008: Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Jordan.



Information, formations, orientation.


Xena is a training board accredited by the Veneto Region in the guidance sphere.

  • External intercultural learning training activities and on departure/on arrival preparation for international mobility projects (exchanges, volunteering, internships).
  • External information and training on European programmes in information centers, scholastic institutions, universities, private companies, aimed at youth and youth workers.
  • Intercultural learning  activities held by scholastic institutions and other companies and organizations.
  • Promotion in 2006 of the Itaca job guidance project, addressed to Italian and foreign women (cofinanced by the Region of Veneto) and of the Polaris projects (yearly from 2007 to 2009) addressed to adults that have lost their work, women with hardships, and foreigners.
  • We are part of the Euroguidance network and have been in the Eurodesk from 2000 to 2009.
  • · Information service (back and front office) on international opportunities for the youth, for the youth info centres Territory Network of the town councils of Cervarese S. Croce, Rovolon, Saccolongo e Selvazzano Dentro (PD).


Consultancy and support for scholastic institutions, public and private organisations for the project design and production of European projects, in the frame of formal, non formal education and vocational training.

Language & Culture courses


Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Norwegian, English and other possibilities by request, with qualified mother-tongue teachers.